Universities: Mechanics

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Division: Chemical Technology School
Division: Mathematics and Information Technology Faculty
Division: Communication Arts Course/Programme
Division: Science Faculty
Division: Technical Engineering Faculty
Division: Mechanical Mathematics Faculty
Division: Mathematics Faculty
Division: Radio Engineering and Communication Faculty
Division: Industrial Engineering and Management Systems Department/Division
Divisions: Agro-industry Faculty, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Faculty, Transport Faculty
Division: Mechanics Faculty
Division: Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
Division: Physics Faculty
Division: Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty
Division: Soil, Base and Foundation Mechanics Research Division
Division: Engineering Faculty
Division: Education Faculty
Division: Mechanical Engineering and Transport System Faculty
Division: Technology Institute
Division: Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Division: Fluid Mechanics, Turbulence and Computation Centre
Division: Electromechanics Course/Programme
Division: Industrial Sciences and Communication Technology Department/Division
Division: Engineering and Computer Science College
Divisions: Continuing Education at Centennial College School, Transportation School
Divisions: Fluid Mechanics and Energy Department/Division, Production and Systems Engineering Department/Division
Division: Applied Mechanics Department/Division
Division: Science and Engineering Faculty
Division: Applied Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology Faculty
Division: Engineering Faculty
Divisions: Engineering College, Graduate Studies Graduate School
Division: Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science Faculty
Divisions: Electromagnetic Engineering Department/Division, Mechanics Department/Division
Division: Technology, Policy and Management Faculty
Division: Machinery and Agriculture Equipment Faculty
Division: Engineering Sciences School
Divisions: Energetics and Internal Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Numerical Simulation in Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Structural Mechanics Laboratory
Division: Food, Bioresources Science and Techniques Department/Division
Division: Mechanics and Mathematics Department/Division
Division: Production Engineering Course/Programme
Divisions: Precision Mechanics Course/Programme, Projects Course/Programme
Division: Mechanics, Automation and Advanced Technologies Institute
Division: Science and Technology Research Division
Division: Hydromechanics Research Division

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