Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University (Privolžskij)

Russia, Kazan , ul. Kremlyovskaya 18

Founded 1804 as Kazan State University. Acquired current title and status 2010. The main centre of higher education for a vast Volga Region (Povolzhskii Federal District). Created on the basis of Kazan State University, Tatar State University of Humanities and Education, Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute, and Yelabuga State University of Education.

Funding: Public
Accreditation: Ministry of Higher Education
Grades 4
Languages 1
Divisions 15
Tuition fee per annum
Local currency: RUB
  • Admission details: Russian students, the results of the Unified State Exam, for international students, secondary school diploma and secondary school examination results. For all categories of students the results in basic subjects for the certificate of secondary education or USE are expected to be equal to no less than 80% of the maximum grade attainable.
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