87 universities

Divisions: Continuing Education Centre, Montréal Diocesan Theological College College, Presbyterian College College, United Theological College (UTC) College, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Pharmacy College, Art and Design Faculty, Arts Faculty, Business and Economics Faculty, Education Faculty +more
Divisions: Biodiversity Centre, Biotechnology Centre, Condensed Matter Sciences Centre, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics Centre, General Education Centre +more
Divisions: Theoretical Physics Centre, Visual Sciences Centre, Women's Studies Centre, Aboriginal Economic Policy Research Centre, Arab and Islamic Studies Centre +more
Divisions: Arts College, Music Conservatory, Architecture, Building and Planning Faculty, Arts Faculty, Business and Economics Faculty +more
Divisions: Fine Arts College, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, Built Environment Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Law Faculty +more
Divisions: Ethics Centre, Music Faculty, Environment Centre, University of Toronto Mississauga Campus, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus +more
Divisions: Applied Humanities Faculty, Health and Environmental Services Faculty, Te Ara Poutama (Maori Education) Faculty, Business School, Law School
Divisions: Aboriginal Studies Centre, Health Sciences Department/Division, Humanities Department/Division, Science and Engineering Department/Division, Business School
Divisions: Education Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Science, Technology and Engineering Faculty, Agribioscience Research Division +more
Divisions: Arts Faculty, Business and Economics Faculty, Human Sciences Faculty, Science Faculty
Divisions: Environment Faculty, Applied Sciences Faculty, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, Business Administration Faculty, Communication, Art and Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Rural Health Centre, Energy Systems Centre, Child and Adolescent Related Disorders Centre, Child Study Centre, Ear Sciences Centre +more
Divisions: Biomedical Engineering and Physics Centre, Demographic Database Centre, Environmental Research Centre, Fish and Wildlife Research Centre, Social Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Advanced Technologies of Life Sciences Centre, Alberta Global Forum Centre, Bioengineering Research and Education Centre, Environmental Engineering Research and Education Centre, Gifted Education Centre +more
Divisions: Arts and Sciences College, Business College, Education College, Engineering College, Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources College +more
Divisions: Science Faculty, Pharmacy College, Music Faculty, Aging Centre, Agri-food Research in Health and Medicine Centre +more
Divisions: Commerce Department/Division, Health Sciences Department/Division, Humanities Department/Division, Science Department/Division
Divisions: Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics Centre, Environmental Law and Global Sustainability Centre, Environmental Microbiology Centre, Governance Centre, Hazard Mitigation and Emergency Management Centre +more
Divisions: Continuing and Distance Education Centre, Agriculture and Bioresources College, Arts and Science College, Briercrest College and Seminary College, Dentistry College +more
Divisions: Centre for Regional Engagement Centre, Business Department/Division, Telecommunications Research Research Division, Education, Arts and Social Sciences Department/Division, Health Sciences Department/Division +more
Divisions: Business Faculty, Nursing, Midwifery and Health Development Centre, Communication Department/Division, Education Department/Division, International Studies Department/Division +more
Divisions: Continuing Studies Department/Division, Medical Sciences Department/Division, Education Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Fine Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Accounting Research and Education Centre, Advanced Materials Joining Centre, Advanced Studies in Finance Centre, Advancement of Co-operative Education Centre, Advancement of Trenchless Technologies at Waterloo Centre +more
Divisions: Agriculture and Life Sciences College, Architecture and Urban Studies College, Business College, Engineering College, Liberal Arts and Human Sciences College +more
Divisions: Vision Research Centre, Education Faculty, Environmental Studies Faculty, Fine Arts Faculty, Glendon Campus +more
Divisions: Conflict Education and Research Centre, European Studies Centre, Indigenous Research, Culture, Language and Education Centre, Intelligence and Security Studies Centre, International Migration and Settlement Studies Centre +more
Divisions: Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment Faculty, Law, Education, Business and Arts Faculty
Divisions: Education and Research for Topological Science and Technology Centre, Environmental and Health Sciences Centre, Field Science Centre for Northern Biosphere Centre, Information Initiative Centre Centre, Translational Research Centre +more
Divisions: Analytical Services Centre, Application of Resource Information Systems Centre, Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs Centre, Health Care Ethics Centre, Northern Studies Centre +more
Divisions: Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty, Commerce Faculty, Environment, Society and Design Faculty, Advanced Computational Solutions Research Division, Agribusiness and Economics Research Division +more
Divisions: Sir Wilfred Grenfell Campus, Queen's College, Distance Education and Learning Technologies Department/Division, Lifelong Learning Department/Division, Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts School, Education School, Engineering and Information Technology School, Health Professions School, Law School +more
Divisions: Education College, Teacher Education Centre, Arts College, General Education Centre, Environmental Studies College +more
Divisions: General Education Centre, Humanities and the Arts Centre, Intellectual Property and Business Centre, Taiwan Aborigine Centre, Design College +more
Divisions: Indigenous Australian Peoples College, Arts and Social Sciences School, Business School, Education School, Environment, Science and Engineering School +more
Divisions: Language Institute, Animal Behaviour and Welfare Research Centre, Coastal Oceanography and Marine Geology Centre, Executive Education Centre, Labour and Trade Union Studies Centre +more
Divisions: Arts, Social and Health Sciences College, Science and Management College, Continuing Studies Course/Programme, Graduate Studies Course/Programme, Northern Medical Course/Programme
Divisions: Luther College, Campion College, First Nations University of Canada College, Northern Teacher Education Program/Northern Professional Access College College, Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Indigenous Studies, Education and Research College, Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences School, Arts and Communication School, Civil Engineering and Surveying School, Commerce School +more
Divisions: Ethnolinguistic Studies Centre, Interdisciplinary Regional Studies Centre, Journalism Centre, Administration Faculty, Architecture and Design Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts and Business Faculty, Science, Health, Education and Engineering Faculty
Divisions: Earth Sciences Department/Division, Economics Department/Division, English Department/Division, Information Technology Department/Division, Management Sciences Department/Division +more
Divisions: Economics and Social Sciences Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Humanities and Education Faculty, Theology Faculty
Divisions: Business Faculty, Graduate Studies Faculty, Health Disciplines Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Science and Technology Faculty
Divisions: Ambedkar Studies School, Bio-Science and Bio-Technology School, Environmental Science School, Home Sciences School, Information Science and Technology School +more
Divisions: American Indian Studies Department/Division, Arts and Sciences Department/Division, Business Department/Division, General Studies Department/Division, Education School +more
Divisions: Education Course/Programme, Health Course/Programme, Indigenous Knowledges and Policy Course/Programme
Divisions: Arts Faculty, Education Faculty, Graduate Studies Faculty, Health Studies Faculty, Music Faculty +more
Divisions: Cultural Studies School, Engineering and Technologies School, Languages School, Management Sciences School, Mass Communication and Media Technology School +more
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