Universities: Irrigation

119 results
Division: Hydraulic Engineering and Environment Course/Programme
Division: Communication Faculty
Division: Agrarian Sciences Faculty
Division: Law Faculty
Division: Engineering Faculty
Division: Strategic and Development Studies Centre
Division: Advanced Mathematical Sciences Centre
Division: Economics, Commerce and Management Institute
Division: Continuing Education College
Division: Business and Economics College
Division: Business and Economics College
Division: Engineering Faculty
Division: Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Faculty
Division: Agriculture Faculty
Division: Agriculture Faculty
Division: Electromechanics Course/Programme
Division: Kindergarten Faculty
Division: Home Science Department/Division
Division: Business Graduate School
Division: Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources Faculty
Division: Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences College
Division: Advanced and Preparatory Studies Faculty
Division: Agricultural Engineering Faculty
Division: Solar Energy Institute
Division: Agricultural Electrification and Automation Institute
Division: Postgraduate Studies Course/Programme
Division: Adult Education College
Division: Agriculture College
Division: Islamic Studies and Shari'a Faculty
Division: Environmental Science Course/Programme
Division: Cryogenic Engineering Centre
Division: English Department/Division
Division: Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources Faculty
Division: Biotechnology Centre
Division: Education Faculty
Division: Foreign Languages Department/Division
Division: Eurasian Innovative Technologies Department/Division
Division: Business Administration Course/Programme
Division: Agricultural Engineering College
Division: Agriculture Faculty
Division: Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculty
Division: Ecology and Plant Health Department/Division
Division: Applied Mechanics Department/Division
Division: Agriculture Faculty
Division: Agriculture Faculty

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