175 universities

Divisions: Health Disciplines College, Interdisciplinary Studies College, Applied Science Faculty, Arts Faculty, Commerce and Business Administration Faculty +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Education Faculty, Asian Natural Environmental Science Centre, Biotechnology Research Centre, Cryogenic Research Centre +more
Divisions: Continuous Education Course/Programme, Distance Education Course/Programme, Agriculture and Food Sciences Faculty, Arts Faculty, Business Administration Faculty +more
Divisions: Agriculture and Life Sciences College, Design College, Education College, Engineering College, Humanities and Social Sciences College +more
Divisions: Business College, Agricultural Sciences College, Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences College, Education College, Engineering College +more
Divisions: Polymer Science Institute, AgriSciences Faculty, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, Economic and Management Sciences Faculty, Education Faculty +more
Divisions: Rural Health Centre, Energy Systems Centre, Child and Adolescent Related Disorders Centre, Child Study Centre, Ear Sciences Centre +more
Divisions: Education Institute, Computing Centre, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre, Information Science Centre, Life and Earth Sciences Institute +more
Divisions: Engineering Faculty, Fine Arts Faculty, Kindergarten Faculty, Law Faculty, Medicine Faculty +more
Divisions: Environmental Science and Engineering College, Information Science and Technology College, Material Science and Technology College, Science College, Economics and Management School +more
Divisions: Architecture Faculty, Business and Management Faculty, Chemistry Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Electrical Engineering and Communication Faculty +more
Divisions: Education Graduate School, Agriculture and Life Sciences College, Arts College, Business Administration College, Culture and Social Sciences College +more
Divisions: Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources Faculty, Economics and Management Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Environmental Science Faculty, Forestry and Wood Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Dentistry Faculty, Sciences Institute, Social Sciences Institute, Architecture Faculty, Art and Design Faculty +more
Divisions: Beytepe Campus, Sıhhıye Campus, Ankara State Conservatory, Communication Faculty, Dentistry Faculty +more
Divisions: Education Faculty, Agricultural Biotechnolgy Centre, Applied Economic Research Centre, Coastal Development Centre, Computer Engineering Centre +more
Divisions: Computational Technologies Centre, International Studies Centre, Micro-systems and Nanotechnology Research Centre, Physical Education and Health Centre, Chemical Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Science and Technology Research Centre, Thai-France Innovation Centre, Industrial Technology College, Agro-Industry Faculty, Applied Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Analytical Services Centre, Application of Resource Information Systems Centre, Excellence for Children and Adolescents with Special Needs Centre, Health Care Ethics Centre, Northern Studies Centre +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Economics Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Food Technology Faculty, Forestry Faculty +more
Divisions: Agronomy Faculty, Business and Economics Faculty, Forestry and Wood Technology Faculty, Horticulture Faculty, Regional Development and International Studies Faculty +more
Divisions: Science College, Veterinary Science College, Agronomy College, Animal Science and Technology College, Economics and Management College +more
Divisions: Arts and Sciences College, Business Administration School, Education and Human Services School, Engineering and Computer Science School, Health Sciences School +more
Divisions: Civil Engineering College, Humanities and Physical Education College, Mechanical Engineering College, Science College
Divisions: Agricultural Engineering and Research Institute College, Agricultural Engineering and Research Institute, Kumulur College, Agriculture and Research Institute College, Anbil Dharmalingam Agricultural Studies and Research Institute College, Forestry and Research Institute College +more
Divisions: Letters Faculty, Law Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Economic Sciences and Business Administration Faculty, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Faculty +more
Divisions: Environmental Studies Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Sports Academy, Foundation Studies for Agricultural Science Centre, Agriculture Faculty +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Architecture Faculty, Biology Faculty, Chemistry Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Architecture, Construction and Design Faculty, Business Administration Faculty, Education and Humanities Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Health and Food Science Faculty +more
Divisions: Music and Dance Academy, Active Management of Lifelong Ageing Centre, Advancement of Mathematical Education in Technology Centre, Applied Biomedical Engineering Centre, Applied Biostatistics Consulting Centre +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Fine Arts and Design Academy, Music Academy, Theatre, Radio, Film and Television Academy, Administration Faculty +more
Divisions: Language and Communication Centre, Technology Transfer and Consultancy Centre, Applied and Creative Arts Faculty, Cognitive Sciences and Human Development Faculty, Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Applied Statistics Centre, Coastal Studies and Aquaculture Centre, Construction Technology Centre Atlantic, Inc. Centre, Criminal Justice Studies Centre, Educational Administration Centre +more
Divisions: Agronomy Faculty, Architecture, Music and Design Faculty, Economics and Business Faculty, Educational Sciences Faculty, Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Contemporary Islamic Studies (ACIS) Academy, Language Studies (APB) Academy, Johor Campus, Kedah Campus, Kelantan Campus +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Cultural Heritage Faculty, Economics Faculty, Foreign Languages and Literature Faculty, Human Communication and Tourism Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Agriculture and Biology Faculty, Animal Sciences Faculty, Applied Informatics and Mathematics Faculty, Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty, Economics Faculty +more
Divisions: Biotechnology Centre, Arts, Psychology and Theology Faculty, Economics and Social Sciences Faculty, Education and Welfare Studies Faculty, Science and Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Agriculture and Agricultural Technology School, Engineering and Engineering Technology School, Environmental Technology School, Management Technology School, Science School +more
Divisions: Forestry Department/Division, Wood Technology Department/Division
Divisions: Agriculture and Environment Faculty, Biotechnology and Food Technology Faculty, Economy and Agribusiness Faculty, Forestry Faculty, Veterinary Science Faculty
Divisions: Research and Education for Comprehensive Science Centre, Science and Technology Integration Centre, Bioresource Sciences Faculty, Systems Science and Technology Faculty, Bioresource Sciences Graduate School +more
Divisions: Graduate Studies Course/Programme, Undergraduate Studies Course/Programme
Divisions: Foreign Languages School, Physical Education Department/Division, Agronomy School, Animal Science School, Continuing Education School +more
Divisions: Chemical Technology and Engineering Faculty, Economic Engineering Faculty, Forestry Faculty, Forestry Engineering and Wood Technology Faculty, Information Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Postgraduate Studies School, Peace and Development Studies Centre, Health Sciences College, Arts Faculty, Education Faculty +more
Divisions: Balilihan Campus, Bilar Campus, Calape Campus, Candijay Campus, Clarin Campus +more
Divisions: Power Engineering and Automation Faculty, Wood Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Economics and Management Faculty, Humanities and Pedagogy Faculty +more
Divisions: Business School, Computing and Academic Studies School, Construction and the Environment School, Energy School, Health Sciences School +more
Divisions: Arts and Science College, Business Administration and Information Technology College, Community Education and Industrial Technology College, Law College, Nursing College +more
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