84 universities

Divisions: Business School, Law School, Medicine School, Nursing School, Public Health School +more
Divisions: Applied Humanities Faculty, Health and Environmental Services Faculty, Te Ara Poutama (Maori Education) Faculty, Business School, Law School
Divisions: Arts and Sciences College, Business Administration College, Education College, Health Sciences College, Law College +more
Divisions: Biotechnology Centre, Energy Centre, Nanotechnology Centre, Science and Technology Centre, Veterinary Medicine Centre +more
Divisions: Paramedical Sciences School, Health Sciences School, Medicine School, Nursing and Midwifery School
Divisions: Education College, Engineering College, Health Professions and Social Work College, Liberal Arts College, Music and Dance College +more
Divisions: Arts and Humanities Faculty, Engineering Faculty, International Faculty, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Faculty, Science Faculty +more
Divisions: Law and Economics Area, Humanities Area, Life and Health Sciences Area, Science and Engineering Area, Linguistics Centre +more
Divisions: Foreign Languages College, Sport Sciences Faculty, State Conservatory Conservatory, Agriculture Faculty, Applied Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Endocrinology and Metabolism Institute, Psychiatry Institute, Cellular and Molecular Sciences Research Division, Medical History, Islamic and Complementary Medicine Research Division, Medical Laboratory Sciences Research and Education Research Division +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty, Management and Information Science Faculty, Nursing Faculty +more
Divisions: Infection Control Sciences Graduate School, Marine Biosciences Graduate School, Medical Sciences Graduate School, Nursing Graduate School, Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate School +more
Divisions: Dentistry Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty
Divisions: Centre of Postgraduade Training Centre, First Faculty of Medicine Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty, Medicine and Dentistry Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty +more
Divisions: Naresuan University International College, Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences Faculty, Allied Health Sciences Faculty, Architecture Faculty, Business, Economics and Communications Faculty +more
Divisions: Business Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Technology, Design and Environment Faculty, Health and Life Sciences School
Divisions: Health and Nutrition Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty, Cancer Research Division +more
Divisions: Rehabilitation School, Advanced Biomedical Sciences School, Dentistry School, Health and Nutrition School, Medicine School +more
Divisions: International Campus, Advanced Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology Research Center (ADIR) Research Division, Autoimmune and Motility Diseases of Gastrointestinal Tract Research Center (AMDGTRC) Research Division, Biosensor Research Centre (BRC) Research Division, Brain And Spinal Injury Research Center (BASIR) Research Division +more
Divisions: Architecture, Construction and Environment School, Art, Design and Performance School, Business School, Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences School, Education and Social Sciences School +more
Divisions: Architecture, Computing and Humanities Faculty, Education and Health Faculty, Engineering and Science Faculty, Greenwich Maritime Institute, Natural Resources Institute +more
Divisions: Business School, Computer Science School, Creative Arts School, Education School, Engineering and Technology School +more
Divisions: Language and Communication Centre, Technology Transfer and Consultancy Centre, Applied and Creative Arts Faculty, Cognitive Sciences and Human Development Faculty, Computer Science and Information Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Economics and Management Faculty, Languages and Arts and Humanities Faculty, Law Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Science Faculty +more
Divisions: Dentistry Faculty, Health and Hygiene Sciences Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Nursing Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty +more
Divisions: Nursing School, Nursing and Midwifery School, Health Sciences School, Medicine School, Paramedical Sciences School
Divisions: Anatomy Department/Division, Biochemistry Department/Division, Health Sciences Department/Division, Medicine Department/Division, Nursing and Midwifery Department/Division +more
Divisions: Agriculture Sciences Course/Programme, Arts and Social Science Course/Programme, Buddhist Studies Course/Programme, Commerce and Management Course/Programme, Education Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Nursing College, Education College, Engineering College, Medical Sciences College, Nanoscience and Nanotechology College +more
Divisions: Social Sciences Centre, Applied Sciences School, Commerce and Management School, Health Sciences School, Religion and Culture School +more
Divisions: Architecture, Design and Urban Studies Faculty, Commerce and Administration Faculty, Commerce, Administration and Social Sciences Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty, Public Health Sciences Faculty
Divisions: Computer Science and Information Technology Course/Programme, Design and planning Course/Programme, Engineering Course/Programme, Health and Paramedicals Course/Programme, Humanities and Education and Juridical Science Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Pharmacy College, CU-Leaders College, Design College, Economics and Commerce College, Education College +more
Divisions: Advancement School, Business School, Communications, Media and Design School, Community and Health Studies School, Continuing Education at Centennial College School +more
Divisions: Foreign Studies College, General Education College, Humanities College, Law College, Medicine College +more
Divisions: Liberal Studies School, Postgraduate Studies Course/Programme, Language Institute, Business and Hospitality School, Career and Academic Access School +more
Divisions: Ayurveda Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, Nursing Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty
Divisions: Liberal Arts College, Science and Technology College, Academic Studies School, Business School, Business, Aviation and Technology School +more
Divisions: Digital and Performance Arts Centre, Applied Science and Technology School, Building Technology School, Business School, Contemporary Media School +more
Divisions: Aboriginal Studies Course/Programme, Automotive Studies Course/Programme, Aviation Studies Course/Programme, Business Studies Course/Programme, Community Studies Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty
Divisions: Health and Natural Sciences Department/Division, Nursing Department/Division, Social Science, Business and Education Department/Division
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty
Divisions: IT Services and Infrastructure Management Centre, Technology Institute, Architecture and Planning School, Basic and Applied Sciences School, Biotechnology School +more
Divisions: Allied Health Professions School, Arts and Sciences School, Business School, Education School, Nursing School
Divisions: Dentistry Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty
Divisions: Hospitality and Tourism Management Faculty, Agriculture and Horticulture Faculty, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, Business and Management Faculty, Commerce Faculty +more
Divisions: Applied Technology School, Business School, Creative and Performing Arts School, Health Sciences School, Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism School +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Nursing and Midwifery Faculty, Paramedical Sciences Faculty, Health School
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