Universities: Irish

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Division: Business Department/Division
Division: Therapeutical Child Care Course/Programme
Division: Extended Learning School
Division: Communication Technology and Culture Research Centre
Division: Sciences and Health College
Division: Castlebar Campus
Division: Arts and Sciences Department/Division
Division: Continuing Education Department/Division
Division: LIT Tipperary Campus
Division: Behavioral Sciences Department/Division
Division: Sir Wilfred Grenfell Campus
Division: Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre
Division: Contemporary European Studies Graduate School
Division: Business College
Division: Honors Studies Course/Programme
Division: Ethics and Public Affairs Centre
Division: Early Childhood Montessori Education Course/Programme
Division: Business Studies Department/Division
Division: Arts and Humanities School
Division: Advanced Training in Cell and Molecular Biology Centre
Division: Education Course/Programme
Division: Graduate Studies Course/Programme
Division: Barrister-at-Law Course/Programme
Division: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty
Division: Philology Faculty
Division: Music and Dance Academy
Division: Medicine Faculty
Division: Architecture College
Division: Religious Education Course/Programme
Division: Irish Cultural Heritages Academy
Division: Africana Studies Course/Programme

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