Universities: Dutch

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Division: English, Romance and German Philology Faculty
Division: Art and Art History Department/Division
Division: Computer Science, Business and Law Faculty
Division: Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning Faculty
Division: International French Studies Centre
Division: Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education Centre
Division: Music Conservatory
Division: Education and Psychology Faculty
Division: Ghent University Global Campus (Incheon, Korea) Campus Abroad
Division: Global Campus Campus
Division: Economics Department/Division
Division: Computer Science Department/Division
Division: Development Research Centre
Division: Economics and Law Faculty
Division: Foreign Studies Faculty
Division: Technology Institute
Division: Archaeology Faculty
Division: Books and Documentation Department/Division
Division: Arts Faculty
Division: Theology Faculty
Division: Education Faculty
Division: Advanced Studies for Faith and Science Centre
Division: Adult Education College
Division: Polymer Science Institute
Division: Artes Liberales Academy
Division: Arts and Social Sciences Faculty
Division: Economics and Business Faculty
Division: Chemistry Faculty
Division: Arts Faculty
Division: The Sahlgrenska Academy Academy
Division: Edgewood Campus
Division: Medicine Faculty
Division: Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty
Division: Architecture Faculty
Division: Accounting Research and Education Centre
Division: Information Technology Centre
Division: Biological Sciences Faculty
Division: Arts and Humanities Faculty
Division: Gender Studies Centre

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