234 universities

Divisions: Marxism School, Economics and Management College, Mathematics Department/Division, Physical Education Department/Division, Physics Department/Division +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Science Faculty, China Studies Centre, Chinese Language (Yale-in-China ) Centre +more
Divisions: Engineering Faculty, Law Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, Advancement in Special Education Centre, Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research Centre +more
Divisions: Arts and Humanities Faculty, Brain Sciences Faculty, Built Environment Faculty, Engineering Sciences Faculty, Laws Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Science Faculty, Social Sciences Faculty
Divisions: Education Faculty, Arts and Sciences Faculty, Business Faculty, Health Sciences Faculty, Theology and Philosophy Faculty
Divisions: Education Faculty, Environment School, Chemistry College, Beijing Cultural Development Academy, Disaster Reduction and Emergency Management Academy +more
Divisions: Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education Centre, Center for Theoretical Study Centre, Environment Center Centre, Catholic Theological Faculty Faculty, Faculty of Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Professional and Continuing Education College, Graduate Studies Course/Programme, Liberal Studies Course/Programme, Management Graduate School
Divisions: Medicine College, Architecture and Town Planning School, Civil Engineering and Mechanics School, Computer Science and Technology School, Distance and Continuing Education School +more
Divisions: Humanities Faculty, Law Faculty, Health and Life Sciences Faculty, Experimental Sciences and Health Department/Division, Humanities Department/Division +more
Divisions: Music School, Applied Physics Course/Programme, Naval Science Course/Programme, Business Graduate School, Architecture School +more
Divisions: Center for Higher Education (zhb) Centre, Centre for Synchrotron Radiation (DELTA) Centre, Dortmund Research and Development Center for Training, Learning and Professional Development (DoKoLL) Centre, Social Research Centre Dortmund (sfs) Centre, Architecture and Civil Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts and Humanities Faculty, Creative Arts and Industries Faculty, Education Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Law Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Life Sciences Faculty, Science Faculty, Business School
Divisions: Augustana Campus, Saint-Jean Campus, St. Joseph's College, St. Stephen's College, Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Advanced Technologies of Life Sciences Centre, Alberta Global Forum Centre, Bioengineering Research and Education Centre, Environmental Engineering Research and Education Centre, Gifted Education Centre +more
Divisions: Language centre Centre, Training and Development, Aducate Centre, Health Sciences Faculty, Philosophy Faculty, Science and Forestry Faculty +more
Divisions: Computing Centre, Continuing Education Centre, Environmental Research Centre, Human Technologies Centre, Language Centre +more
Divisions: Edwards Campus Campus, Liberal Arts and Sciences College, Continuing Education Course/Programme, Graduate Studies Graduate School, Architecture, Design and Planning School +more
Divisions: Gender and Sexuality Institute, Humanities Institute, Lifelong Learning Institute, Structural Molecular Biology Institute, Study of Children, Family and Social Issues Institute +more
Divisions: Asia-Pacific Academy of Economics and Management Academy, Continuing Education Centre, English Language Centre, Pre-University Studies Centre, Teaching and Learning Enhancement (CTLE) Centre +more
Divisions: Science Faculty, Pharmacy College, Music Faculty, Aging Centre, Agri-food Research in Health and Medicine Centre +more
Divisions: Continuing Studies Department/Division, Medical Sciences Department/Division, Education Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Fine Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Business Administration College, Engineering College, Humanities College, Information Technology College, International Studies College +more
Divisions: Automobile Engineering Department/Division, Biological Engineering Department/Division, Civil Engineering Department/Division, Foreign Languages Department/Division, Project Systems Engineering Department/Division +more
Divisions: Engineering Faculty, Horticulture Faculty, Chemical Analysis Centre, Environment, Health and Field Sciences Centre, Environmental Remote Sensing Centre +more
Divisions: Education Graduate School, Agriculture and Life Sciences College, Arts College, Business Administration College, Culture and Social Sciences College +more
Divisions: Arts Research Division, Anseong Campus Campus, Business Incubator Centre, Digital Contents Resources Centre, Technology Transfer Centre +more
Divisions: Engineering School, Renaissance Studies Centre, Environmental, Water and River Engineering Course/Programme, Arts and Humanities Faculty, Law, Economics and Social Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Astrophysical Science Centre, Collaborative Research and Community Cooperation Centre, Contemporary India Studies Centre, Environmental Research and Management Centre, Information Media Centre +more
Divisions: Education and Research for Topological Science and Technology Centre, Environmental and Health Sciences Centre, Field Science Centre for Northern Biosphere Centre, Information Initiative Centre Centre, Translational Research Centre +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Education Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Agricultural Sciences Graduate School +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Education Faculty, Humanities and Economics Faculty, Science Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate School +more
Divisions: Business College, Creative Arts College, Education College, Humanities and Social Sciences College, Science College
Divisions: Education Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Bioresources Faculty, Humanities, Law and Economics Faculty, Bioresources Graduate School +more
Divisions: Culture, Education and Economic Development of Indigenous Peoples Centre, Southeast Asian Studies Centre, Teacher Education Centre, Education College, Humanities College +more
Divisions: Ching-Jiang Learning Centre, General Education Centre, Language Studies Centre, Teacher Education Centre, Education College +more
Divisions: Technology College, Arts College, Education College, International Studies and Education for Overseas Chinese College, Liberal Arts College +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Arts Faculty, Health Sciences College, Postgraduate College, Administration Faculty +more
Divisions: Ambedkar Centre, Human Genome Studies and Research Centre, Human Rights and Duties Centre, Sanskrit Department/Division, IAS and Other Competitive Examinations Centre +more
Divisions: Agricultural Engineering and Technology Faculty, Crop & Food Sciences Faculty, Forestry, Range Management & Wildlife Faculty, Sciences Faculty, Social Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Management Faculty, Bioinformatics Centre, Free Radical Research Centre, Information and Network Security Centre +more
Divisions: Applied Mathematics Department/Division, Foreign Languages Department/Division, Information Management Department/Division, Mathematics Department/Division, Physical Education Department/Division +more
Divisions: Chinese Language Training Centre, English Centre, Physical Education Department/Division, Social Sciences Department/Division, Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Business Administration College, Business and Economics College, Engineering College, Humanities College, Information Technology College +more
Divisions: Post-Graduate Studies Centre, Arts College, Commerce, Management and Computer Science College, Engineering College, Sciences College
Divisions: Community Services and Continuing Education Centre, Educational Technology Centre, Information Systems Centre, Language Centre, Agriculture and Marine Sciences College +more
Divisions: Catherine's College College, Haapsalu College College, Pedagogical College, Rakvere College College, Communication Institute +more
Divisions: Chinese Language Centre, Data Processing Centre, Extension Education Centre, Fine Arts Centre, Japanese Language Centre +more
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