Tallinn University (TLÜ)

Estonia, Tallinn , Narva mnt. 25

A parliamentary decision by the Republic of Estonia consolidated several Tallinn universities and institutes into a single institution that resulted in the founding of Tallinn University as a public university on 18 March 2005. Tallinn University is an innovative and academically enriching university. It is acknowledged both locally and internationally for its role as a centre for science and education. The mission of Tallinn University is to support the sustainable development of Estonia through research and its application to academic partnership, including the preparation of intellectuals as well as public dialogue in order to facilitate this partnership. Tallinn University incorporates six schools and two colleges. By focusing resources and activities we aim to develop five interdisciplinary research-based focus fields: Educational Innovation Digital and Media Culture Cultural Competencecs Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle Society and Open Governance

Funding: Public
Accreditation: Estonian Higher Education Quality Agency
Grades 3
Languages 3
Divisions 25
Tuition fee per annum
Local currency: EUR
  • Admission details: Copy of a secondary education certificate/Bachelor’s degree certificate or equivalent/Master’s degree certificate or equivalent, Transcript of Records, Proof of English Proficiency
Your currency: USD

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