Universities: Conducting

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Division: Law and Political Science Faculty
Division: Musicians Health Institute
Division: Composition, Interpretation and Musical Education Faculty
Division: Modern Languages Department/Division
Division: Music and Dance Faculty
Division: Choreography Faculty
Division: Business Administration Department/Division
Division: Korean Education Centre
Division: Democracy and Human Rights Education Centre
Division: Accountancy and Administration Faculty
Division: Curatorial Studies and Art in Contemporary Culture Centre
Division: Education, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty
Division: Folk Instruments Department/Division
Division: Culturology and Socio-Cultural Activity Faculty
Division: Architecture, Media and Design College
Division: Business and Professional Studies Course/Programme
Division: Department 1 Department/Division
Division: Composition Department/Division
Division: Music Course/Programme
Division: Music Course/Programme
Division: Conducting Course/Programme
Division: Innovative Microscopy Centre
Division: Music Faculty
Division: Brass and Woodwind Department/Division
Division: Faculty 1 Faculty
Division: I - Artistic Instrumental Training and Conducting, Music Education, Church Music and Historically Informed Performance Department/Division
Division: Music Course/Programme
Division: Performance, Composition and Music Theory Faculty
Division: Distance Learning Department/Division
Division: Education Training Course/Programme
Division: Zwoelf Department/Division
Division: Composition - Conducting - Musicology Department/Division
Division: String Instruments, Harp, Guitar and Violin - Making Faculty
Division: History and Translation-Interpreting Faculty

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