233 universities

Divisions: Law Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Science Faculty, China Studies Centre, Chinese Language (Yale-in-China ) Centre +more
Divisions: Health Disciplines College, Interdisciplinary Studies College, Applied Science Faculty, Arts Faculty, Commerce and Business Administration Faculty +more
Divisions: Medicine Faculty, Education Faculty, Asian Natural Environmental Science Centre, Biotechnology Research Centre, Cryogenic Research Centre +more
Divisions: Humanities School, Arts and Design Academy, Applied Mathematics Centre, Art Centre, Chemical Engineering Department/Division +more
Divisions: Physical Sciences School, National High Performance Computing Centre, Fire Science Laboratory, National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Physical Sciences at the Microscale Laboratory +more
Divisions: Applied Physics Faculty, Architecture, Building and Planning Faculty, Biomedical Engineering Faculty, Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Faculty, Electrical Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Science School, Architecture School, Astronautics School, Chemical Engineering and Technology School, Civil Engineering School +more
Divisions: Fine Arts School, Automation Engineering Research Centre, Computer Software Research Centre, Business Administration College, Foreign Studies College +more
Divisions: Advanced Medical Engineering and Informatics Centre, Biotechnology Centre, Cybermedia Centre, Education in Liberal Arts and Sciences Centre, Environmental Innovation Design for Sustainability Centre +more
Divisions: Architecture Faculty, Arts and Humanities Faculty, Business and Economics Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Architecture School, Arts School, Automation Science and Engineering School, Bioscience and Bioengineering School, Business Administration School +more
Divisions: Sciences School, Industrialization of Crystallization Technology Centre, Integrated Circuit and Computing System Centre, Micro-nano Manufacturing Technology Centre, Rapid Prototyping Engineering Centre +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, International Student Centre, Agriculture Faculty, Arts and Letters Faculty, Dentistry Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts and Sciences College, Computing and Information College, Nanoscale Science and Engineering College, Public Affairs and Policy College, Business School +more
Divisions: Qide College, Medicine School, Economic Research Centre, Physical Education Centre, ChungYing College +more
Divisions: Foreign Languages Centre, Academic Business Incubator Centre, Computer Centre, Cyfronet Academic Computer Centre, E-learning Centre +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Biology and Biotechnology Faculty, Chemistry and Chemical Technology Faculty, Geography and Environmental Management Faculty, History, Archaeology, and Ethnology Faculty +more
Divisions: Electrical Engineering School, Architecture and Design School, Civil Engineering and Architecture School, Computer and Information Technology School, Economics and Management School +more
Divisions: Adult Education College, Science and Technology College, Xuhai College College, Chemical Engineering and Technology School, Computer Science and Technology School +more
Divisions: Petroleum and Petrochemistry College, Population Studies College, Public Health Sciences College, Allied Health Sciences Faculty, Architecture Faculty +more
Divisions: Policy Studies Graduate School, Commerce Faculty, Economics Faculty, Law Faculty, Letters Faculty +more
Divisions: Arts and Languages Faculty, Economics, Commerce and Management Faculty, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, Law and Political Science Faculty, Medicine Faculty +more
Divisions: Agriculture Graduate School, Education Graduate School, Astronomy Centre, Instrumental Analysis Centre, Water Environment Studies Centre +more
Divisions: Computer Science and Automation Faculty, Economics and Media Studies Faculty, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Divisions: Applied Chemistry Department/Division, Applied Geology Department/Division, Applied Geophysics Department/Division, Applied Mathematics Department/Division, Applied Physics Department/Division +more
Divisions: Aerospace Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Electrical Engineering Faculty, Geodesy and Geomatics Faculty, Industrial Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Computational Technologies Centre, International Studies Centre, Micro-systems and Nanotechnology Research Centre, Physical Education and Health Centre, Chemical Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Technology Institute, Dentistry School, Agronomy Faculty, Arts and Humanities Faculty, Economics and Business Administration Faculty +more
Divisions: Regenerative Medicine Institute, Banking and Insurance Academy, Bangalore Campus, Dubai Campus, Applied Sciences Centre +more
Divisions: Arts School, Education School, Engineering and Information Technology School, Health Professions School, Law School +more
Divisions: Cooperative Research and Development Centre, Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation for Advanced Research Centre, General Education Centre, Health Administration Centre, Instrumental Analysis Centre +more
Divisions: Architecture and Design Department/Division, Civil Engineering and Systems Management Department/Division, Computer Science Department/Division, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department/Division, Environmental and Materials Engineering Department/Division +more
Divisions: Engineering School, Fine Arts School, Law School, Medicine School, Music School +more
Divisions: Biotechnology Centre, General Education Centre, Agriculture and Natural Resources College, Engineering College, Law and Politics College +more
Divisions: Computer Centre, Applied Mathematics Department/Division, Biotechnology and Medical Engineering Department/Division, Ceramic Engineering Department/Division, Chemical Engineering Department/Division +more
Divisions: Chemistry Department/Division, Civil Engineering Department/Division, Computer Science and Engineering Department/Division, Electrical Engineering Department/Division, Electronics and Communication Engineering Department/Division +more
Divisions: Civil Engineering Department/Division, Computer Applications Department/Division, Architecture Department/Division, Chemical Engineering Department/Division, Chemistry Department/Division +more
Divisions: Aircraft and Space Systems Faculty, Applied Mathematics Faculty, Biotechnology Faculty, Chemical Engineering Faculty, Chemical Technology Faculty +more
Divisions: Aeronautics School, Astronautics School, Automation School, Computer Science and Engineering School, Electronics and Information School +more
Divisions: Arts and Social Sciences College, Commerce and Business Management College, Engineering College, Law College, Law Basheerbagh College +more
Divisions: Ambedkar Centre, Human Genome Studies and Research Centre, Human Rights and Duties Centre, Sanskrit Department/Division, IAS and Other Competitive Examinations Centre +more
Divisions: Health Technology School, Accountancy and Administration Institute, Engineering Institute, Education School, Industrial and Management Studies School +more
Divisions: Architecture Faculty, Automation and Computer Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty, Electronic and Electroenergetics Engineering Faculty, Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty +more
Divisions: Dielectric and Advanced Matter Physics Centre, Korean Studies Centre, Arts College, Economics and International Trade College, Education College +more
Divisions: Dental Surgery Faculty, Economics Faculty, Law and Political Science Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Pharmacy Faculty +more
Divisions: Advanced Research in Indian System of Medicine Centre, Nanotechnology and Advanced Biomaterials Centre, Directorate of Distance Education - SASTRA Department/Division, Chemical and Biotechnology School, Civil Engineering School +more
Divisions: Nanotechnology Centre, Total Quality Management Centre, Humanities College, Medicine College, Sciences College +more
Divisions: Precision Mechanics and Technology Faculty, Management Techniques Academy, Computer Technology and Management Department/Division, Entrepreneurship Department/Division, Optical Information Systems and Technology Department/Division +more
Divisions: Humanities Faculty, Automation and Information Technology Faculty, Chemical Technology Faculty, Economics Faculty, Electrical Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Management Studies Faculty, Architecture Faculty, BioEngineering Faculty, Chemical Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering Faculty +more
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