113 universities

Divisions: Continuing Education Centre, Montréal Diocesan Theological College College, Presbyterian College College, United Theological College (UTC) College, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Child Studies Centre, Climate Change Centre, Emerging Device Technologies Centre, Evaluation of Medicines Centre, Functional Genomics Centre +more
Divisions: Biodiversity Centre, Biotechnology Centre, Condensed Matter Sciences Centre, Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics Centre, General Education Centre +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Medicine Faculty, Science Faculty, China Studies Centre, Chinese Language (Yale-in-China ) Centre +more
Divisions: Engineering Faculty, Law Faculty, Dentistry Faculty, Advancement in Special Education Centre, Advancement of Chinese Language Education and Research Centre +more
Divisions: Ethics Centre, Music Faculty, Environment Centre, University of Toronto Mississauga Campus, University of Toronto Scarborough Campus +more
Divisions: Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Centre, Biological Communication Centre, Geoengineering Centre, Health Services and Policy Research Centre, Industrial Relations Centre +more
Divisions: Education College, Engineering College, Law College, Liberal Arts College, Medicine College +more
Divisions: Edgewood Campus, Howard College Campus, Pietermaritzburg Campus, Agriculture, Engineering and Science College, Health Sciences College +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Allied Health Sciences Faculty, Arts Faculty, Dental Sciences Faculty, Engineering Faculty +more
Divisions: Aquaculture and Research Education Centre, Biotechnology Centre, Science Instrumentation Centre, Architecture & Planning College, Arts Commerce and Law College +more
Divisions: Advanced Technology Centre, Foreign Language Teaching Centre, Innovation and Technology Transfer Centre, IT Infrastructure and Project Management Centre, Physical Training and Sports Centre +more
Divisions: Agriculture Faculty, Arts Faculty, Ayurveda Faculty, Commerce Faculty, Dental Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Brawijaya Information Technology Services Centre, Computer Centre, E-Learning Development Centre, Language and Literature Centre +more
Divisions: Petroleum and Petrochemistry College, Population Studies College, Public Health Sciences College, Allied Health Sciences Faculty, Architecture Faculty +more
Divisions: Mathematics Faculty, Research and Development of Innovative Science and Technology Department/Division, Arts and Humanities Faculty, Business and Commerce Faculty, Chemical Engineering Biological and Life Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Sir Wilfred Grenfell Campus, Queen's College, Distance Education and Learning Technologies Department/Division, Lifelong Learning Department/Division, Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Commerce College, Communication College, Education College, Foreign Languages College, International Affairs College +more
Divisions: Ambedkar Centre, Human Genome Studies and Research Centre, Human Rights and Duties Centre, Sanskrit Department/Division, IAS and Other Competitive Examinations Centre +more
Divisions: Business Administration Faculty, Economics Faculty, Intercultural Communication Faculty, Law Faculty, Letters Faculty +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Management Faculty, Bioinformatics Centre, Free Radical Research Centre, Information and Network Security Centre +more
Divisions: Business Administration Faculty, Economics Faculty, Food Life Science Faculty, Human Life Design Faculty, Information Sciences and Arts Faculty +more
Divisions: Law Faculty, Agriculture Faculty, Arts Faculty, Commerce, Social Welfare and Business Management Faculty, Education, Journalism and Library Science Faculty +more
Divisions: Indigenous Medicine Institute, Library and Information Sciences Institute, Sripalee Campus, Contemporary Indian Studies Centre, Education and Research Evaluation Centre +more
Divisions: Education Faculty, Agro-Chemicals and Pest Management Centre, Applied Social Sciences and Humanities Faculty, Arts Faculty, Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine Faculty +more
Divisions: Social Sciences Faculty, Arts Faculty, Biological Sciences Faculty, Business Studies Faculty, Earth and Environmental Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Health and Society Institute, International Center for Tourism Education and Research Centre, The Montreal Institute of International Studies Institute, Research on Immigration, Ethnicity and Citizenship Centre, Studies and Research on Brazil Centre +more
Divisions: Behaviour Genetics Centre, British Studies Centre, Environmental Studies Centre, European Centre, Foreign Language Teacher Training and European Education Centre +more
Divisions: Junior Studies College, Pharmacy School, International Studies Centre, Satellite Centre, Japanese Language for Foreign Students Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Agriculture Sciences Course/Programme, Arts and Social Science Course/Programme, Buddhist Studies Course/Programme, Commerce and Management Course/Programme, Education Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Buddhist Studies Faculty, Languages and Cultural Studies Faculty
Divisions: Buddhist Studies Faculty, Language Studies Faculty
Divisions: Jodo Priesthood Course/Programme, Education Graduate School, Literature Graduate School, Social Welfare Graduate School, Sociology Graduate School +more
Divisions: Agriculture and Allied (Agro based technological) Sciences School, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences School, Chemical Sciences School, Computer Science and Informatics School, Earth, Environment and Space Studies School +more
Divisions: Arts and Crafts Faculty, Languages and Literature Faculty, Logic and Spirituality Faculty, Medical Sciences Faculty, Modern Studies Faculty
Divisions: Arts and Humanities Faculty, Humanities Graduate School
Divisions: Engineering School, General Studies School, Jewish Theological Seminary Centre, Union Theological Seminary Centre, Dental Medicine College +more
Divisions: Management Graduate School, Agriculture and Life Sciences College, Architecture, Art and Planning College, Arts and Sciences College, Engineering College +more
Divisions: Buddhist Studies Course/Programme, Chinese and Japanese Course/Programme, Classical Tibetan Course/Programme, Oriental Studies and Philosophy Course/Programme, Pali Course/Programme +more
Divisions: Literature Department/Division, Social Welfare Faculty, Graduate Studies School
Divisions: Art and Sport Science College, Commerce and Economics College, Engineering College, Humanities College, ICT (Information and Communication, Technologies) Engineering College +more
Divisions: Engineering College, Law College, Arts College, Buddhist Studies College, Education College +more
Divisions: Biochemistry Department/Division, Botany Department/Division, Chemical Technology Department/Division, Chemistry Department/Division, Commerce Department/Division +more
Divisions: Ageing Institute, Pacific Coral Reefs Institute, Religious Sciences Institute, History and Philology Unit, Life and Earth Sciences Unit +more
Divisions: Communication Studies Department/Division, English Language and Literature Department/Division, Fine Arts Department/Division, Mathematical Sciences Department/Division, Natural Sciences Department/Division +more
Divisions: Biotechnology School, Buddhist Studies and Civilization School, Engineering School, Humanities and Social Sciences School, Information and Communication Technology School +more
Divisions: Geumgang Language Centre, Social Welfare and Information Sciences Graduate School, International Buddhist Studies Research Division, Interpretation and Translation Research Division, Social Welfare Research Division +more
Divisions: Education Faculty, Economic Information Department/Division, Foreign Studies Department/Division, Economic Information Graduate School, International Cultural Studies Graduate School +more
Divisions: Engineering and Technology Faculty, Environmental and Bio Sciences and Technology Faculty, Media Studies Faculty, Medicall Sciences Faculty, Physical Sciences Faculty +more
Divisions: Vedic Studies Centre, Ayurved and Medical Science Faculty, Distance Education Faculty, Engineering and Technology Faculty, Humanities Faculty +more
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