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I thought that my daughter would apply for a bachelor’s degree in Greece, but I found a good option for her in Germany!
Andrea Georgiou
I know universities of Spain quite well, but I want to get a PhD in another country. The site found a great option in South America. It’s a really useful resource.
Ignacio Fernandez
I did not expect that there were so many universities where you can study as a programmer in English, there are even free programs!
Ho Nguyen
I am looking for a university for my son, there are lots of universities I didn’t know about.
Leila McKinsey
I was looking for a master's degree in pharmacology and found some unexpected, but interesting options.
I wanted to study at home country, Cameroon, but I found a more prestigious university in neighboring Nigeria and decided to get education there.
Simon Inori
I was looking for a laboratory to conduct my research, but there were no position for me in those I know. I found several more options on this site and, finally, began research.
Jacob Fink
I made a selection of universities in my speciality, sent a letter to every of them and finally received a grant from one of them!
Alibek Ismail
Rankings - Super (97)

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