University of Iceland

Iceland, Reykjavik , Sæmundargötu 2

The University of Iceland was founded in 1911 and was formed by a merger of the Theological Seminary (est. 1847), the School of Medicine (est. 1876) and the School of Law (est. 1908), which each formed a faculty, in addition to the newly-established Faculty of Philosophy. Since its foundation the University of Iceland has developed from a professional school of four major programmes to a fully-fledged research university offering a variety of academic and professional programmes at undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral levels. Through most of the 20th century University of Iceland was the only comprehensive HEI in Iceland, and served as a center of training, competence and consulting at most levels of Icelandic society. Being a national university and the only comprehensive international research university in Iceland, University of Iceland is still by far the largest higher education and research institution in the country with over 70% of all students in higher education.

Funding: Public
Accreditation: Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Grades 4
Languages 1
Divisions 5
  • Admission details: Upper secondary school certificate (stúdentsprof) or equivalent
Short online courses 6

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