Georg August University Göttingen

Germany, Göttingen , Postfach 3744 Gosslerstr. 5-7

Founded 1737 by George II, Prince Elector of Hanover and King of England, the first modern University founded in Germany. Measures to guarantee quality and to promote excellence in research and teaching, reforms to strengthen autonomy and responsibility at all levels of the University, and the internationalization of the University have been implemented within the past few years. 2003, the University of Göttingen was the first full university in Germany to be converted into a publicly endowed university.

Funding: Public
Accreditation: Zentrale Evaluations und Akkreditierungsagentur (ZevA)
Grades 4
Languages 2
Divisions 13
Tuition fee per annum
Local currency: EUR
  • Admission details: Secondary school certificate (Reifezeugnis) or equivalent
Your currency: USD

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