The University of Bristol

United Kingdom, Bristol , Senate House Tyndall Avenue

Founded 1876 as University College, Bristol. Incorporated Bristol Medical School (founded 1833) 1893. The University received its Charter 1909.

Funding: Unknown
Grades 4
Languages 1
Divisions 23
  • Admission details: 5 approved subjects at GCSE or 'A' level including at least 2 'A' levels, most offers made on the basis of 3 'A' levels in approved subjects. Other qualifications accepted: International, French and European Baccalaureates, secondary school leaving certificates from most EU countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, College Board Exams from the USA, and a range of international qualifications. Candidates whose first language is not English are required to obtain an appropriate qualification in English. More detailed information may be obtained from Undergraduate Admissions Officer
Short online courses 2

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