Institute of Mechanical Engineering of Paris (SUPMECA)

France, Saint-Ouen , 3, rue Fernand Hainaut
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Founded 1956. The ISMCM (Institut Supérieur des Matériaux et de la Construction Mécanique) was created 1948 jointly by the Federation of Mechanical Industries and by the Ministry of Education : it is an autonomous State Institution of Training and Research in Mechanical Engineering, placed under the Ministry of Education. Since 1956 in Paris and 1994 in Toulon, the Institute has launched the CESTI (Centre d'Etudes supérieures des Techniques Industrielles) Engineering curriculum. In 2004, ISMCM-CESTI changed its name to Supméca.

Funding: Public
Accreditation: Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI)
Grades 2
Languages 1
Divisions 4
Tuition fee per annum
Local currency: EUR
Your currency: CNY
  • Admission details: French students : Secondary school certificate (baccalauréat) and Classes préparatoires (intensive selective scientific curriculum preparing for the national competitive exam to Enginnering Schools), or selective entrance exam for holders of a French university degree. For foreign students : Bachelor's degree and proficiency in French and selection of the applicants.

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