U University Corporation of Colombia (UDECOLOMBIA)

Colombia, Medellín , Calle 56, Nº 41-147 (Bolivia con Girardot)
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Founded and recognized by the Ministry of National Education of Colombia 2010. Formerly known as Corporación Universitaria de Ciencia y Tecnología de Colombia.

Funding: Private
Accreditation: Ministry of National Education of Colombia
Grades 1
Bachelor's Degree or equivalent
Languages 1
Divisions 3
  • Financial Administration Course/Programme
    Fields of study: Finance
  • Law Course/Programme
    Fields of study: Law
  • Public Accounting Course/Programme
    Fields of study: Accountancy
  • Admission details: For undergraduate programmes: secondary education completion, Saber-11 test submitted, and an interview with the Dean of the programme selected.

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