Huizhou University (HZU)

China, Huizhou , Guangdong Yanda Road 46
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Founded 1921 as Guangzhou Municipal Normal School, a campus of Guangzhou Yue Xiu Academy of Classical Learning. Moved to the Huiyang Fenghu Academy of Learning and renamed Guangdong Provincial Huizhou Normal School 1945. Succesively renamed Guangdong Huizhou Normal School 1949, Huiyang Normal School 1959, Huiyang Prefecture Normal School 1970, Huiyang Teachers College 1978. Incorporated the Huizhou Education Faculty 1986 and later merged with Northwestern Textile Polytechnic University. Acquired present status and title 1993.

Funding: Public
Grades 1
Master's Degree or equivalent
Languages 1
Divisions 16

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