Bernardo O'Higgins University (UBO)

Chile, Santiago , Avenida Viel 1497
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Created and was established as private foundation nonprofit, by deed, the March 1, 1990 in Santiago. Bernardo O'Higgins University is dedicated to the academic training institution, research and dissemination of knowledge, contributing to the spiritual, cultural and economic development of the country to prepare graduates and qualified professionals in different areas of knowledge. According to its values ​​and principles facilitates the education of their children in an atmosphere of discipline, respect and tolerance. Also, within its objectives, the University promotes research, creation, preservation and transmission of universal knowledge in the field of science and the humanities.

Funding: Private
Accreditation: CNA-Chile
Grades 3
Languages 1
Divisions 4
Tuition fee per annum
Local currency: CLP
Your currency: MAD
  • Admission details: PSU average score in Language and Mathematics or score according to weight provided by Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins.nBesides the PSU results, applicants must present the following documents: Academic transcript, High school diploma, Identity cardnThe entry score for each program is calculated according to the PSU score or the corresponding polynomial and according to the minimal score required for each program.

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