Federal University of São João del Rei (UFSJ)

Brazil, São João del Rei , Campus Santo Antonio Centro Praça Frei Orlando, 170 Centro
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The Federal University of São João del-Rei (UFSJ) was created in 1986, as a Foundation for Higher Education in São João del Rei (Funrei), resulting from the unification and federalization of two institutions: the College of Philosophy Dom Bosco, Sciences and Letters, whose activities began in 1954, maintained by the Province of St. John Bosco, and the Municipal Foundation of São João del Rei, maintainer of the Faculty of Economic, Administrative and Accounting Sciences (Faceac) and Faculty of Industrial Engineering (Faein), whose activities began in 1972 and 1976 respectively. On April 19, 2002, Funrei was transformed into a university by Law 10.425, adopting the acronym UFSJ, elected by the academic community.

Funding: Public
Grades 4
Languages 1
Divisions 30

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